Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28th, 1955

Dewey Robinson Born

You know what I haven't done in a while? A good "funny baseball names" kind of day. And today is a good one. "Dewey," believe it or not, was his real name: Dewey Everett Robinson. The name is Welsh in its origin, and comes from David, although the traditional Welsh (Cymraeg) spelling is "Dewi." Of course, that's coming from a language which has city names like this one, so maybe "Dewey" isn't so bad.

Also born in 1928 was "Rinty" Monahan. That's Edward Francis Monahan officially, and my best guess is that Monahan got the nickname in his childhood since "Rinty" was usually the name of the character--that's a relative term--played by Rin Tin Tin in movies during Monahan's childhood.

In the more sad department of today's deaths, there are still some good names, including Roy Thomas "Peaches" Davis, Art "Moose" Doll (no idea on the story behind that one), and Albin Oscar "Swede" Carlstrom, whom I really should've mentioned a few days back.

My favorite today however, is a 1925 birth: Clarence Westly Marshall. For some reason from the time he was born until the time he retired, Clarence acquired a nickname, and one I like. So long as history remains and we have records, a man who once won three (regular season) games for a World Series winning team--the 1949 Yankees--will be known as "Cuddles" Marshall. Cuddles. Just makes you want to find someone to hug.

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