Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26th, 1960

Steve Lombardozzi Born

Does that look like a made-up name to anyone else? The kind of alias you come up with on short notice? "What? No, that's not me! I'm Steve. Steve Lomard..o...zzi. Yes, that'll do, Steve Lombardozzi." Real name or not, Steve had a six-year career with the Twins and Astros, including being the starter on the 1987 World Series champion Twins. (Lombardozzi had a scalding World Series that year, hitting .412 with a homer, despite hitting just twenty home runs the rest of his career.)

Ultimately, Lombardozzi was not a good enough hitter to stick as a regular, even at second base and after the 1988 season he would not play regularly and was out of the Majors for good after the 1990 season.

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