Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25th, 1994

Gordon Jones Dies

This is Gordon Jones the ballplayer, not Gordon Jones the actor who originated the role of the Green Hornet, almost thirty years before Bruce Lee became involved. This Gordon Jones was a largely mediocre pitcher; he had a dynamite rookie season (2.00 ERA in 81 innings) but was largely underwhelming thereafter, and finished with a career 4.16 ERA, 94 ERA+.

I picked Jones today because I was in one of those moods where I was scrolling the "Died On" list for my subject (apparently something about April 25th does that to me, last year was a death too). I didn't really have something in mind to do for Jones, but I thought perhaps his stat line would serve as inspiration. As it turned out, the inspiration came from his BaseballReference page, but not the way I thought.

It's easy--and often fun--to take pot shots at players but as Jones' page sponsorship, more of a dedication really, reminds me, they're all real guys with families and feelings and such. What I do here is, for the most part, in good fun. That's worth remembering.

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