Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 16th, 1997

Cubs Lose

That's hardly an earth-shattering headline, I could've written it 9,290 times since the franchise was founded in 1875 (that's prior to today's games, however, and not counting the playoffs). This loss was somewhat out of the ordinary, even for a team for nearly 9,300 all-time losses. For the Cubs, it was their twelfth straight loss to open the season. Now, losing twelve straight is bad enough but losing twelve in a row to open the season is a pretty brutal thing. Number twelve was especially embarrassing for the Cubs however, as it marked the worst start in the history of any team in National League history.

The previous record had been held by the Detroit Wolverines, back in 1884. Those Wolverines would go 28-84, that's an even .250 winning percentage. The Cubs, whose twelve game losing streak including a near no-hitter by the Marlins' Alex Fernandez, wouldn't quite finish that badly ending up with a 68-94 record but breaking an embarrassing 113 year-old record is probably not what the Cubs had in mind.

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