Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12th, 2004

Frank Seward Dies

I spent a fair amount of time studying this name, trying to remember why it seemed so familiar to me until I realized it was because he shares a last name with one-time Secretary of State William Henry Seward (1801-1872) who is a major player in my recently written thesis. In a related story, I need to get out more.

Anyway, this Seward--no relation, so far as I can tell--doesn't quite have the distinguished resume of the earlier Seward, who managed to keep European powers out of the Civil War and later purchased Alaska from Russia. Frank Seward attended Duke University (where one hopes he stayed away from the lacrosse team) and pitched one game for the Giants, a complete game loss, in 1943. Returning in 1944, Seward threw seven-eight and a third ineffective innings, managing a brutal 5.40 ERA (68 ERA+), although to be fair he might've slipped by largely unnoticed as the Giants had the second worst staff in baseball that year.

As players began to return from the war in 1945, fill-ins like Seward were rendered unnecessary and he never again appeared in the Majors, although he did pitch for the San Francisco Seals from 1945 and '47, hoping perhaps for another chance at the big leagues. It would never come and Seward was out of baseball thereafter.

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