Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April 11th, 1999

Scott Aldred Wins Game

Generally speaking, streaks broken with a win are fondly remembered. Anthony Young, who once lost a Major League record twenty-seven straight decisions no doubt feels nothing but good when remembering the win that broke the streak. The situation with Scott Aldred was not quite as desperate, but no doubt he remembers this day fondly as well.

Aldred's win came for the Devil Rays against the Red Sox. Aldred pitched just a third of an inning in a 4-4 game in the top of the eighth inning but after the Rays rallied for one in their half of the eighth and Roberto Hernandez shut the door in the ninth, he was given the win. Although Aldred had won as many as six games in a season before this, this win was still a big one and a streak breaker. On June 16th, 1997 Aldred had taken the loss (his tenth of the season) for the Twins in an interleague battle against the Pirates. He then appeared in another fifty games, all in relief, without recording a decision.

As it turned out, fifty appearances in a row without a decision was a Major League record--albeit a rather obscure one. Aldred's one-third of an inning victory then marked a happy end to Aldred having only the occasion hold to show for his efforts.

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