Sunday, March 05, 2006

March 5th, 1957

Jerry Ujdur Born

For someone with a distinctive name, there is surprisingly little information out there about Jerry Ujdur. I can find his stats of course (more on them in a minute) and I can find a little picture of him. I know that Jerry was born in Duluth Minnesota and went on to attend the University of Minnesota and that he's still alive but other than that, the trail goes dead.

But I can at least tell you what I know about his Major League career. Ujdur came up with the Tigers in 1980 and pitched twenty-one disastrous innings (7.59 ERA) and then pitched fourteen almost equally bad innings in 1981 (6.43 ERA). Whatever was troubling him those years got worked out however as Ujdur entered the starting rotation in 1982 and put together a good year, going 10-10 in twenty-five starts with a 3.69 ERA. However, Ujdur lost his form once form in 1983 and pitched just thirty-four innings at a 7.15 ERA, going 0-4.

The Tigers finally gave up on Ujdur and released him in the spring of 1984 and he signed with the Indians shortly before the season started. He was no more effective in Cleveland as he had been in Detroit, however pitched just fourteen and a third innings with an ERA just under seven. Despite being just twenty-seven, Ujdur was finished as a Major League player and, as I mentioned earlier, his trail goes dead.

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