Friday, March 03, 2006

March 3rd, 1953

Clyde Milan Dies

What's that? It's the beginning of March and I haven't done a cheap clip show yet this year? Well, no time like the present. Our titular death is Clyde Milan, the long-time Senators' outfielder who I did last March. Also moving from this world to the next (or back into our world in a different form depending on what you believe, I suppose) on this day, but in 1977 was Stubby Overmire.

Finally this entry here is something of a commentary on Kirk Gibson's sense of pride; it's not the only example. On his day in 1988, a few months before he would hit a rather crucial home run, Gibson walked out of Dodger camp. The reason? Gibson was put off by a prank played by teammate Jesse Orosco when Orosco put eyeblack on Gibson's cap. Maybe that's a bit of a temper tantrum more than an example of pride, but what can you do?

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