Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31st, 1980

Chien-Ming Wang Born

This is something I wanted to do last year but never got around to, partially because of my travels, partially out of forgetfulness; to wit, predictions for the upcoming season. Today seems a good day, both for its closeness to the beginning of the season, and its birthday boy, since if my predictions are going to come true, that man will have up his strikeout rate and pitch well all year. Without further ado, here goes:

AL East:
(1) Yankees
(2) Red Sox (Wild Card)
(3) Blue Jays
(4) Orioles
(5) Devil Rays

AL Central:
(1) Indians
(2) White Sox
(3) Twins
(4) Tigers
(5) Royals

AL West:
(1) A's
(2) Angels
(3) Rangers
(4) Mariners

NL East:
(1) Mets
(2) Phillies (Wild Card)
(3) Braves {I'm going to regret this come September, I'm sure}
(4) Nationals
(5) Marlins

NL Central:
(1) Cardinals
Astros {Clemens' May return proves too little, too late}
(3) Brewers
(4) Cubs
(5) Pirates
(6) Reds

NL Westt:
(1) Dodgers
(2) Padres
(3) Giants {I don't like Barry's chances of staying healthy}
(4) Diamondbacks
(5) Rockies

A's over Red Sox (3-2)
Yankees over Indians (3-1)

Mets over Dodgers (3-1)
Cardinals over Phillies (3-1)

Yankees over A's (4-3)
Cardinals over Mets (4-2)

Yankees over Cardinals (4-2)

Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP: Albert Pujols
AL Cy Young: Rich Harden
NL Cy Young: Pedro Martinez
AL Rookie of the Year:
Ian Kinsler
NL Rookie of the Year: Ryan Zimmerman

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