Sunday, March 26, 2006

March 26th, 1968

Shane Reynolds Born

In 1998 Shane Reynolds won nineteen games (against just eight losses) with a 3.51 ERA; the next year he won sixteen games saw his ERA rise to 3.85 but was actually just about as good when compared to league average. Before the 2000 season, I drafted Reynolds for my fantasy team and he more-or-less ceased being an effective Major League pitcher from that point.

Of course, it (probably) wasn't being on my fantasy team that did in Shane Reynolds, but he was very much done. In 2000 he went just 7-8 with a ghastly 5.22 ERA that is only partially accounted for by the move to then-Enron Field. He improved slightly in 2001 winning fourteen games with a just above league average but fell off thereafter as arm troubles began to take their toll, and although he won eleven games with the Braves in 2003, that obviously had a lot to do with his team as Reynolds sported a 5.43 ERA. Reynolds has been out of the Majors after a short stay with the D-Backs in 2004 Reynolds, having finally fallen victim to the twin-curses of arm trouble, and being expected to carry my fantasy rotation.

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