Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 21st, 1939

Tommy Davis Born

"Everyone works out [Opening Day] pregame nervousness in his own way. Tommy Davis was standing in the middle of the clubhouse taking a hitting stance with no bat in his hands, anticipating the pitch, striding into it, then checking his swing and then going back and doing it all over again. It reminded me of a guy going over his notes just before a final exam, knowing all the time it wasn't going to do any good. If you don't have it by now, Tom, you're not going to.


Tuned out [Don] Wilson was from Los Angeles too and he'd once tried to get Tommy Davis' autograph. "He was too good to sign it," Wilson said. "Ever since then I never looked forward to sitting with him on a bench"
"You really resent him, huh?" I said, adding an eggbeater to trouble waters.
"Well, yeah,"
Wilson said. "It's been kind of a thing with me. In fact, right now it's no big deal sitting here with him. If he's too good to sign autographs, the hell with him."
"You see how smart these young kids are?"
Davis said. "Boy, if I ever said that when I was a kid, that would've been something. Imagine me saying that to Roy Campanella. Boy, for your guys these guys really talk a lot."
And I said, "That's good, isn't it Tom? They should be allowed to say whatever they feel, don't you think?"
"Well, that's your idea,"
Davis said. "I know that's what you think."
Generation gap revisited. I loved it.


Right after [Ball Four] came out I heard from a few old teammates. Tommy Davis sent me a note which started out with, "Hello big mouth." Tommy said that he was offered four movie contracts. "After reading your book, everyone thinks I'm some kind of actor.""

~Jim Bouton, Ball Four and Ten Years Later...Ball Five

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