Sunday, February 05, 2006

February 5th, 1977

Abraham Nunez Born

This is the Abraham Nunez who is a light-hitting outfielder, not the Abraham O. Nunez who saw major time with the Cardinals last year. I bring him up today not for his own merits, but rather to illustrate a larger point. Every day when I'm searching for topics, I go to BaseballReference's Born-On (or, if I'm feeling especially dark, Died-On) page and check for possible topics. In all the dates I've checked, February Fifth is the first I can remember that did have not a single player active in 2005. Other days have had only one or two players active in the previous season, but this is the first day when simply no one born on the day played in the previous year.

The funny thing is, February Fifth actually has a relatively distinguished history. February Fifth is the birthday of Roberto Alomar, one of the greatest second basemen in history and a sure-thing Hall of Famer. Even greater than he, February Fifth is the birthday of Hank Aaron, one of the ten or fifteen greatest players in history. There are days that haven't produced one player that could hold a candle to Alomar or Aaron, and yet February Fifth has produced both of them. Since then however, bit of a dry spell.

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