Thursday, February 02, 2006

February 2nd, 1874

Charlie Frisbee Born

Charlie Frisbee managed the rare feat of having not only a great actual name, but a pretty good nickname as well. Of course, being born in 1874 and having died in 1954, Frisbee never got to see the flying disc that shared his name become the huge hit it was. The Wham-O company (itself a dandy name) didn't actually give Frisbees their best known name until 1958 so Charlie was probably the last member of the Frisbee family who lived without the occasional--or more--puns and such.

Being that his name was at time nothing more than a spelling variety of a small New England bakery, Frisbee had to be given a nickname. I sometimes complain that modern nicknames aren't as good as their predecessors and while Frisbee's nickname doesn't seem so great at first, it grows on you. In his playing day, Frisbee was known as "Bunt." I think that has a certain utilitarian charm about it; some olde-timey manager sits in the dugout (that's probably an anachronism but never mind), knowing he has to move the runner over and wondering who can be reliably counted on to do the job. He looks over the bench...who can be called upon in this situation? Why, "Bunt" Frisbee, of course, he of eight sacrifices in less than one hundred seventy-five at bats.

Plus, "Bunt" Frisbee is, let's face it, just fun to say.

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