Monday, February 27, 2006

February 27th, 1962

Candlestick Park Wind Solution Proposed

Although perhaps now more famous for his Gates in New York City (to say nothing of my favorite, his killer Umbrellas) the project that truly brought Christo to fame was wrapping the Reichstag. Chriso proposed, and ultimately did wrap the Reichstag--that's the German parliament building, incidentally--in more than a hundred thousand meters of fabric. He later repeated the project on Paris' Pont Neuf as well as Snoopy's dog house as a tribute to the late Charles Schultz.

Now, that's all very interesting, but what does any of it have to do with Candlestick Park? I've detailed the problems with the park before, notably with its swirling winds. Well, plenty of people had solutions they thought would rid Candlestick of this problem. I mentioned the park's shape in that earlier entry, as well as the 1970s era enclosure, neither of which did much to eliminate the winds. This solution by an unknown architect however, is positively Christoesque. The architect suggested that the park be wrapped with a plastic screen so as to shield it from the wind. Put more plainly, he wanted to take a big piece of saran wrap and stretch across the open part of the outfield. Perhaps not surprisingly--although maybe unwisely, it could've worked--the Giants declined and the unknown architect fell back into obscurity.

Actually, 1961 marked the beginning of Christo's wrapping phase, I wonder if anyone remembers just what that architect’s name was...

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