Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26th, 1980

Gary Majewski Born

Last season Gary Majewski appeared in seventy-nine games for the Nationals, good for second in the league. Majewski was effective, posting a 2.93 ERA in eighty-six innings, although that was even lower (just over two and a half) until Majewski gave up four runs in his last appearance in the season. That aside, a very effective Majewski was a member of the very effective Nats' pen, leading the team with twenty-four holds and giving up just two home runs all season. He was especially good in May (sixteen innings, no runs) and August (fifteen innings, three runs) although those were somewhat balanced by a rather ugly June (twelve and two-thirds innings, ten runs).

Appropriately enough for Majewski's high number of games--and something I just discovered--Majewski appeared in all three Nationals games I went to last season, doing a pretty good job too: three and a third innings, no runs, one hit. Perhaps because of the familiarity, (because there isn't really any other reason) he's become my favorite player on the team, so I hope he continues his success in '06.

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