Saturday, February 25, 2006

February 25th, 1963

Paul O'Neill Born

Paul O'Neill is best (and most deservedly) remembered as a member of the Yankees; he manned right field for all four of the World Series wins under Joe Torre, and had his famous last game at Yankee Stadium when the fans chanted O'Neill's name as he walked back to the dugout for the final time. O'Neill, in response, tipped his cap, a fitting gesture from a player who was one of the best-loved by Yankee fans.

Today's subject however, isn't O'Neill but is rather a book recommendation. Like me, and a lot of others I assume, O'Neill's with relationship baseball began with his relationship with his father. Paul's Dad died before Game Four of the 1999 World Series, and after the Yankees clinched, O'Neill broke down on the field. After he retired, as a tribute, O'Neill wrote Me and My Dad. Many sports books, especially autobiographies are dime-a-dozen and virtually interchangeable but O'Neill's book is heartfelt and genuine. It comes highly recommended.

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