Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12th, 1965

Dennis Springer Born

These five things and these five things alone do I know about Dennis Springer:

(1) A mediocre journeyman pitcher, he registered on my radar only for being a knuckleball pitcher.
(2) Is probably best known now for being the man who gave up Barry Bonds' 73rd home run in 2001 (if you cue up the clip on this link to about 1:30 you can see Springer delivering the pitch that Bonds is about to hammer)
(3) Spent several years bouncing around the minors before finally being called up in 1995
Once snubbed Rob Neyer for an interview, although Neyer admits that he was flustered and called Springer "Steve" so perhaps it was justified.
(5) For reasons I cannot begin to imagine or understand, inspired an insanely loyal following, who considered themselves members of Springer Nation.

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