Saturday, February 11, 2006

February 11th, 1997

Jackie Robinson Honored

1997 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Jackie's debut for the Dodgers and so he was honored in a variety of ways. That year, all Major League players wore a patch to commemorate Robinson's having broken the color barrier, large-scale copies of the patch were displayed in some stadiums and, most famously, #42--Jackie's number--was retired by all teams in Major League Baseball. (Players currently wearing the number were grandfathered, today only one, Mariano Rivera, remains.)

Of course, the greatest honor Robinson received was announced today. General Mills, the makers of Wheaties, announced Jackie would not only be featured on the ordinary box of Wheaties but also become the first man honored by simultaneously appearing on the front of Honey Frosted Wheaties and Crispy Wheaties 'n Raisins. I'm sure when he became the first black man to play Major League Baseball, striking a blow for diversity and battling racism he did it not only for altruism, but also in the hope of someday being featured on all three kinds of Wheaties at the same time in tribute.

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