Friday, January 06, 2006

January 6th, 1982

Wally Post Dies

One of my favorite websites for goofing off and procrastination is the Internet Anagram Server (which can itself can anagrammed as "I, rearrangement servant") and I've been trying to find a day to use it for the blog. Well, today it is. As I'm currently on Jury Duty, I'm somewhat lacking in time to create an original blog, so I will instead rely on my rearrangement servant to see what it can tell us about those who had their beginning or end on this date. For our titular man, Wally Post, who stole just nineteen bases (while being caught thirteen times) and hit only twenty triples in a fifteen year career, one can find that he is, indeed, "Aptly Slow." Cubs' manager Frank Chance allegedly threatened to fine pitcher King Cole if he didn't stay out of the team's poker games on account of his erratic play. From this I guess we can conclude he saw both many a nickel come and many a "nickel go." And finally, lest you think this is all frivolity, as Buck Crouse proves, anagrams can also help us learn history. Crouse was a catcher who spent his entire career in Chicago, but it was all with the White Sox, insofar as their catching woes were concerned then, he was never the "Cubs' cure, ok?"

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