Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 4th, 1944

Tito Fuentes Born

In the department of "Was it something I said?" we come to Tito Fuentes and a September thirteenth game against the Padres in 1973. Fuentes was a flamboyant (some might say "hot dog") Cuban infielder for the Giants, Padres, Tigers and A's in a thirteen year career. He is largely unnoted except for holding one of my much-loved obscure records. In Fuentes' case, he holds the record for most times hit with a pitch in a single game, by a single pitcher, with three.

As mentioned earlier, it was mid September and a relatively meaningless game between the Padres and Giants. The Giants jumped to an early lead, knocking Pads' starter Steve Arlin out of the game after just two-thirds of an inning and bringing in reliever Mike Corkins. In the fourth inning Fuentes, who had already walked and struck out, was hit by a pitch from Corkins. Obviously no one thought much of this at the time and probably had largely forgotten until Fuentes led off the seventh and was again hit by a Corkins pitch. Seeing as Corkins was allowed to remain in the game, and the Padres' half of the inning passed without incident, it can be assumed that once again no one thought of much of this.

In the eighth inning Fuentes came up again against Corkins and again was hit by a pitch. And yet, this still doesn't seem to have been much of an incident. Fuentes' reaction, whatever it was, didn't merit ejection and Corkins was allowed to stay in the game as well, pitching to one more batter being removed in a tactical switch. The Giants obviously were ok with the situation, as no Padre player was hit with a pitch in retribution. All things considered, it seems that the players on both teams regarded the incident the same way I did, as a bizarre bit of trivia.

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