Friday, January 27, 2006

January 27th, 1982

Philles Accquire Ivan DeJesus

Talk about your lousy trades. In exchange for DeJesus--who was coming off a season when he'd hit .194 incidentally--the Phils gave up their long-time shortstop Larry Bowa and a prospect. Now, to be fair, although Bowa was coming off a superior offensive season (although that's a relative term, he was pretty lousy too) he was several years older than DeJesus and thought the pair would be a wash offensively in 1982, DeJesus was a far superior player (again, relative term) thereafter.

The lousy trade part comes with the prospect. The Phils gave up a man who would hit better than both DeJesus or Bowa in 1982, was just twenty-two and would eventually have a Hall of Fame career in the form of Ryne Sandberg. Sandberg had been underwhelming in a cup of a coffee with the Phils in 1981, but in 1982 was a regular for the Cubs (albeit mostly at third base) and played well enough to earn a first place vote for the Rookie of the Year award. By 1984 Sandberg would win a MVP award along with a Gold Glove for his play, now at second.

In exchange for a marginal upgrade at shortstop, the Phillies gave up a future MVP and nine-time Gold Glove winner as well as a long-time fan favorite who would instead play out his days bouncing from team-to-team. Smooth move, guys.

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