Monday, January 23, 2006

January 23rd, 1938

Bob Moorhead Born

Having just done two straight blogs with Yankee titles, it only seems fair to give some equal time to their cross-town little brother, the Mets. Moorhead was an original Met in both the sense that he was a member of the 1962 club and that 1962 marked his rookie year. As it turned out, that wasn't much of a year for Moorhead, as he went 0-2 with a below average ERA for the team in just over a hundred innings. Compounding his misery of being on the worst team of all time, Moorhead also pulled a Kevin Brown and broke his hand punching a locker after a poor performance. (I suppose more accurately one would say Kevin Brown pulled a Bob Moorhead.) Moorhead was out of the majors for the 1963 and '64 season but returned to the Mets for a brief (and unsuccessful) stretch as knuckleballer in 1965.

However, despite a short and mediocre career, Moorhead is not forgotten. He holds a place in trivia history, and one that he can never lose. It was Moorhead on April 11, 1962 who Casey Stengel called in to replace starter Roger Craig, making him the first reliever in Mets' history. And it was Moorhead who pitched around (perhaps, maybe he just couldn't find the plate) Stan Musial, issuing the first walk in Mets' history. It's not much in way of distinction, but it will keep Bob Moorhead's legacy in trivia books alive forever, and that's something.

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