Thursday, January 19, 2006

January 19th, 1962

Chris Sabo Born

Chris Sabo is the first baseball player I can remember, in the 1990 World Series. Chances are I remember Sabo because of both his appearance--he wore distinctive goggles and was nicknamed 'Spuds' after his supposed resemblance to the then Budweiser mascot--and his name, which is relatively easy for a six-year old to remember. Actually, come to that, something about "o" names must've stood out, because I also remember Jose Rijo from that Series, although at least some of that may be later given that Rijo (who won Games One and Four of the Reds' sweep and had a 0.59 ERA) was the Series' MVP.

Having looked now at his career statistics, Sabo has performed the neat trick of having an OPS+ of 100 three times in a nine year career, plus one year at 101, and another at 105 and one more at 96. For six years of his career, that's two-thirds, Sabo was within five percent of league average as a batter. Like I said, neat trick.

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