Monday, January 16, 2006

January 16th, 1977

Baby Doll Jacobson Dies

Continuing my theme of picking entries because I like the name--don't worry, I'll get over it soon enough--we reach Baby Doll Jacobson. Jacobson, no relation to the Batman villain who also bears his name, had an eleven year career mostly for the St. Louis Browns. Jacobson was a good player, twice hitting better than .350 and finishing in the top ten in MVP voting in 1924 and '25. The frequently dire nature of the Browns meant Jacobson never really saw the spotlight and but for the nickname he would likely be even more forgotten today than he already is.

As for that nickname--his real name was William, incidentally--Jacobson got it during his time in the minors. After hitting a home run on Opening Day in 1912 in Mobile, the band in the Mobile grandstand struck up "Oh, you Beautiful Doll" which whoever captioned the photo of Jacobson changed to "Baby Doll" and the name stuck.

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