Tuesday, December 20, 2005

December 20th, 2005

Bottom of the Ninth

I'm home at last for the Christmas vacation, home to drink egg nog, home to watch The Ref and It's a Wonderful Life and above all, home to relax. As such yesterday's (rather jaded, truth be told) Steve Howe blog was the last original content of the year. I will be running a "Best Of..." for the rest of the year, so stop by and read some old classics.

Speaking of stopping by, as you might've noticed, I passed 7,000 visitors the other day. That's a staggering and humbling figure. I am very appreciative of everyone who reads this blog, either on a daily basis or just through Google to answer some question they had about, well, probably about the 1991 New York Yankees. Thank you to all my readers for a great 2005, I hope to be even better--and reach even more of you--in 2006.

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