Thursday, December 01, 2005

December 1st, 1992

Chile Gomez Dies

It seems a trifle macabre to describe a day concerning many deaths as a "good" day, but insofar as it goes, today was a heckuva day of deaths for nicknames. In addition to the titular death, Jose Luis "Chile" Gomez (an infielder) in the thirties, today also marked the last on earth for George "Moose" Earnshaw, James Francis "Kid" O'Hara, Kyle "Skinny" Graham, Monroe "Dolly" Stark and Reuben "Dummy" Stephenson. Several of those sound like the kind of names someone would make up when writing a novel about baseball's early days, but I assure you that they are all on the level.

Of course, they're all topped by today's far-and-away best name. I don't know why, but someone in Ranger,
Texas in 1908 decided it would be a dandy idea to name their child Colonel Buster Mills. That's right, he had his rank built right into his name: Colonel. Well, at least he made a damn fine bucket of fried chicken.

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