Sunday, December 18, 2005

December 18th, 1993

Brien Taylor Injures Shoulder

First off, apologies for yesterday's extremely short one, finals and computer trouble are a rather lethal combination when it comes to my producing a quality blog. Getting to today's topic, that shoulder injury was perhaps the final nail in the coffin in the idea of Brien Taylor as a great prospect. Taylor had been drafted by the Yankees with the first overall pick in the 1991 draft and given a then-unheard of 1.55 million dollar signing bonus, one of the first big deals arranged by Scott Boras. As you might've guessed from the date, Taylor's injury came not on the mound but instead during a bar fight with a friend who was on parole at the time. The injury was so bad as to justify surgery which caused Taylor to miss all of the 1994 season.

Truth be told, Taylor might never have reached the Majors anyway as he was struggling mightily during his pre-injury career. Nonetheless, his post-injury performance was embarrassing, with Taylor routinely posting an ERA over nine and he retired after putting up a gruesome 27.00 ERA with Cleveland's single-A franchise in 2000. Whether because of the shoulder or talent issues generally, Taylor joins Steve Chilcott (who, funnily enough, was drafted by the Yankees' cross-town rivals the Mets in 1966) in dubious company as the only first overall picks to retire without ever reaching the Majors.

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