Monday, December 12, 2005

December 12th, 1944

Tigers Accquire Skeeter Webb

I’ve written before about Ray Oyler, who was one of the worst hitting players to ever have a career of any length. I didn't know if he was the worst hitter to ever have a career like that, but I figured at the least I could say he was the worst hitter to ever be the shortstop for a World Series winning Tigers team. Well, what Richard thought, meet Skeeter Webb. I know it seems hard to believe Webb could actually be worse than Oyler as a hitter, but there you are. And, strangely enough, he managed to also be worse as a hitter while playing shortstop for the Tigers in their 1945 Championship team.

Webb's trade to
Detroit actually caused a bit of a hullabaloo, as he was the son-in-law of then Tigers' manager Sam O'Neill. O'Neill claimed he had only read about the trade in the papers after it was made, but much controversy remained. Despite Webb's performance in 1945, I imagine it was all but gone after the Tigers defeated the Cubs in a thrilling seven game series.

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