Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2nd, 1888

Dutch Zwilling Born

Edward Harrison "Dutch" Zwilling had a largely forgettable career as an outfielder in Chicago for the American, (White Sox) Federal (Whales) and National (Cubs) Leagues, being notable perhaps most for leading the Federal League in home runs in 1914 and RBIs the next year. That is indeed an obscure distinction, but Zwilling is known today--such as he is anyway--for another fact altogether. If you were to assemble every player in Major League Baseball history and line them up, the line would start with David Aardsma (it used to start with Hank Aaron until Aardsma's debut, which I am almost sure will be the only of Hammerin' Hank's records that is broken by a mediocre pitcher). Stretching through the entire alphabet you would end with, that's right Dutch Zwilling. It's not much, but hey, Dutch got a blog out of it.

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