Wednesday, November 23, 2005

November 23rd, 1898

Mother Watson Dies

That's Walter L. Watson on his birth certificate but apparently he goes down as "Mother" in the Encyclopedia. Despite much searching, I couldn't come up with any explanation of the nickname, which is not particularly surprising, as Watson was barely even a footnote in baseball history but for his eccentric nickname. He threw just fourteen rather ineffective innings in two games for the Cincinnati Red Stockings of the American Association in 1887, and shifted to the outfield in the course of one of those games; a move that must've been made for lack of players as Watson was apparently no better a hitter than he was a pitcher.

With the nickname unexplained, all I can offer Watson is a spot on the "All-Family" team along with "Pops" (Willie Stargell) and "Grandma" John Murphy, managed of course, by Wilbert "Uncle Robbie" Robinson and whose games are umpired by Darryl Cousins.

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