Sunday, October 09, 2005

October 9th, 1940

Joe Pepitone Born

Given that many of the finest television shows of our era have resorted to the Clip Show format, I suppose I can do it myself. Today we harken back to some of the highlights of this year by celebrating a trio of birthdays. The titular birthday boy is Joe Pepitone, whose various (mis) adventures I wrote about back in August. The second birthday is of someone I have spent a considerable amount of time badmouthing, but finally explained, the Worst Pitcher in the Hall of Fame, Rube Marquard. And finally, someone I wrote away waaay back in January, when I still had the original (rather unpleasant, truth be told) format, one of the hardest men in the Major Leagues ever to strike out, Joe Sewell.

So there's your clip show, but fear not, we'll return to original programming soon.

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