Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October 5th, 1996

Yankees Defeat Rangers in ALDS

This was the final game of a four game series between the Rangers and Yanks. The Rangers took Game One at Yankee Stadium--they crushed David Cone to the tune of eight hits and six runs in six innings--but blew a two-run lead in the final innings of Game Two and quite literally threw the game away in the twelfth when a throwing error allowed the winning run to score. The Rangers' bullpen again blew a lead in Games Three and Four allowing the Yankees to take the series.

The failures of the Rangers' pen cost them the series, but the real story concerned a pair of players: Bernie Williams and Juan Gonzalez. Williams had a scorching series, hitting .467/.500/1.067, with seven hits (three homers), five runs scored and a pair of walks. Amazingly however, he was not the best hitting Puerto Rican outfielder in the series. That honor belonged to Gonzalez who put up a .438/.526/1.375, featuring an amazing five homers out of seven hits, nine RBI (more than half the Rangers' total for the series) and three walks.

It was all for naught for Gonzalez, while Bernie Williams would go on to the first of his four (to this point) World Series. But for four games in October a pair of
Caribbean outfielders put on a hitting display.

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