Monday, October 03, 2005

October 3rd, 1993

Arlington Stadium Dies

Arlington Stadium, which saw its last game today, is hardly thought of as one of the great stadiums in history. It was hot--virtually all games had to be played in the evening--and originally constructed as a minor league ballpark named "Turnpike Stadium." However, Arlington can at least claim to have shared a quality with two of the great stadiums in history: Dodger Stadium and the Roman Coliseum. The feature is a quirk of all three stadiums, to wit, their playing surface is actually below the entrance. As this photo--towards the left--demonstrates, fans at Arlington Stadium entered at the second seating bowl, well above the typical entrance.

However redeeming and interesting this feature was, it was not enough to save Arlington Stadium, and it was replaced with the park now known as Ameriquest Field in Arlington, a bizarre mishmash of style, including nook-and-crannies supposed to invoke Ebbets' Field, a mini Green Monster in left field and overhanging tiers in right field in the style of Tiger Stadium.

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