Wednesday, October 26, 2005

October 26th, 1965

Gil Heredia Born

The Yankees won their 26th World Series--and third in four years--in 2000. It could be said, however, that they made it out of the first round for two reasons: Terrance Long and Gil Heredia. Heredia was the A's starter in Game One--opposing Roger Clemens--and outpitched the Rocket, giving up three runs in six innings to take the victory. The Yankees would take Games Two and Three, but Clemens--pitching on short rest--got shelled, and the series returned to Oakland.

That game saw Heredia, on full rest, facing Andy Pettitte with both teams' seasons on the line. In the top of the first however, Heredia was shaky. He loaded the bases on a walk and two hits and gave up a sacrifice fly to give the Yankees a one run lead, and then reloaded the bases with another walk. Heredia then induced Tino Martinez to hit a long fly ball to center field. Although battling the sun, Terrance Long should've made the play and limited it to a sac fly. Long lost it in the sun however, and the ball fell in for a 3-run double, bringing the Yankees lead to four. It would be six by the end of the first, and the Yankees held on to win by a final score of 7-5.

The Yankees 2000 season ended in a dogpile on the mound at Shea Stadium, but they survived on the shaky pitching of Gil Heredia and the shaky fielding of Terrance Long.

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