Friday, October 21, 2005

October 21st, 1969

Juan Gonzalez Born

I have done this story before, in one of the first blogs I ever wrote (gah! look at the formatting there, horrible) but with the 2005 season, and Juan Gonzalez's career--barring a miracle--over, it seems appropriate to do a final tally. Gonzalez was offered a contract extension for eight years and one hundred forty-three million dollars. That would've covered the 2001 through 2008 seasons. Now, that deal might've been back loaded, but for our purposes, let's assume Juan Gone would've gotten the average (17.875 million) every year. The first few years (2001-03) after Gonzalez passed on the deal weren't so bad as he made thirty-four million compared to the roughly fifty-four million he would've made in the first years of the Tigers' deal. The next two years (2004-05) however were markedly worse as Gonzalez made just four million six hundred thousand, miles below the nearly thirty-six million he would've been guaranteed from the Tigers. And, of course, the next three years (2006-08) are not looking so good as Juan will likely be getting nothing while he could've been cashing checks worth a total of almost fifty-four million.

All said, Gonzalez's decision ended up costing him $104,400,000. As I said back in January, Gonzalez will never be poor--unless he's a fool; he's still made over eighty-seven million total for his career--but even with nearly ninety million in the bank, I can't imagine what it must be like to know you left over a hundred million sitting on the table.

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