Saturday, October 01, 2005

October 1st, 1963

Mark McGwire Born

I would comment on the steroids scandal with regards to Big Mac, but you know, "I'm not here to talk about the past." Oh wait, it's a history blog. Well, I'll stick to history and keep away from opinion, so how's that? Instead I'll relate one of the silly little stories I have about a handful of players. In Game Four of the 1998 World Series, McGwire was at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium to throw out the first pitch. He did so, and settled into a seat down the third base line. Midway through the game a batter lined one foul down the third base line. And who should reach out and grab the ball on the bounce? Why, Mark McGwire, of course. In my World Series video for that year, it shows the play, then declares "some men just have all the luck."

At the time it was true, but now it is probably just another reminder of how quickly luck can change. Mac played a full season the next year (and hit sixty-five home runs) but after that played just two more seasons, never appearing in more than one hundred games, and now has to live with the infinite steroid rumors swirling around. Some men may seem to have all the luck. But ultimately, luck is fleeting.

(By the way, excuse the shortness of some recent entries, the involvement of the Yankee in recent pennant races has occupied a large portion of my time. But hey, anyone want to buy me a shirt?)

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