Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 18th, 1983

Willie Jones Dies

Better known to friend and foe alike as "Puddin' Head" Jones, the nickname comes from a song "Wooden Head, Puddin' Head Jones" which was popular when he was a young boy, rather than anything about his head which, as you can see, was not especially puddin' like. Jones first came to prominence as the third baseman for the 1950 "Whiz Kids" Phillies, and while Jones only hit .286 in the World Series, he was actually one of the Phils' better hitters as they were thoroughly dominated by the Yankees' pitching staff which allowed just three earned runs in four games.

Jones would stay in Philly another eight full seasons as a roughly league average hitter, mixing his better seasons (1951, '56) with some of his not-so-good ones (1953, '57). He was traded in the midst of his ninth season to the Indians but after a brutal ten-game stretch in Cleveland (.222/.263/.278) he was bought by the Reds where he would spend the rest of 1959 and all of 1960 before retiring after just a handful of 1961 at-bats.

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