Thursday, October 13, 2005

October 13th, 1981

Frank Howard Fired

Truth be told, "Hondo" probably deserved it. The Pads finished 41-69 in the strike-shortened 1981 season, which would've amounted to a hundred losses in a full season. Howard had only been the manager for a year, so maybe he should've gotten another shot but then, Howard was underwhelming as a substitute manager for the Mets in 1983. So who knows? Maybe he'll get another try somewhere in the future.

The real thing about the story which interested me however, is how you could ever fire Frank Howard. Have you ever seen Frank Howard? He's generally listed at 6'7", 255 lb., but seeing the numbers on screen doesn't do it justice. Even photos, don't really give an idea of how big Howard is. He's just a huge man. So how did Jack McKeon--the Pads' GM at the time and not exactly a big guy--ever manage to sit behind a desk and tell Hondo, that his services were no longer needed? Must be a brave guy.

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