Monday, October 10, 2005

October 10th, 1992

Mike Illitch Buys Detroit Tigers

Illitch hasn't exactly won himself a lot of support in Detroit, given the Tigers' best record in the years he's owned them was the 85-77 record they posted in 1993. Since then the team has finished under five hundred every year and thrice lost over one hundred games, including the hugely embarrassing 2003 season when the Tigers lost one-hundred nineteen games. Of course, the Red Wings--also owned by Illitch--have won four Stanley Cups in his tenure so maybe he's hoping to keep the people in Detroit distracted with hockey. Well, that and big tiger statues.

The reason this story caught my eye, however, was the nature of the sale. Illitch, as you may or may not know, made his fortune through the Little Caesar's pizza chain. His pizza money was used to buy the team from Tom Monaghan. Monaghan, who had bought the team in 1983, made his fortune from the Dominos pizza chain. I'll resist some joke here about how for the last two decades the Tigers owners have always had a lot of dough, but I'm guessing the Tigers are the first team to ever have a pizza magnate ownership dynasty.

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