Monday, September 05, 2005

September 5th, 1992

Billy Herman Dies

Billy Herman was a Cubs' second baseman, a lifetime .304 hitter who was widely renowned for his skills as a hit-and-run batter. He had his best season in 1935 when he lead the league in hits and doubles and hit .341, fifth in the league. Herman also had a good World Series that year, hitting .333 with four extra base hits and six RBIs in Chicago's six game loss to the Tigers.

Herman caught my attention however, for his given name: William Jennings Bryan Herman. William Jennings Bryan, of course was the late nineteenth and early twentieth century orator, politician and prosecutor in the Scopes Monkey Trial. Herman was born in 1909, shortly after
Bryan had lost a Presidential election to William Howard Taft. Normally, such an extravagant name would ensure Herman a place in trivia history, but here, unfortunately, Herman has to settle for the title of second best player wholly named after a historical figure. The best of course, is Grover Cleveland "Pete" Alexander.

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