Thursday, September 29, 2005

September 29th, 1986

Cubs Play at Phillies

Ah, it is these kinds of games that keep me going. This was a fairly routine one featuring the Cubs (who ended the year 70-90) and Phillies (86-75) playing out the string on a late September afternoon at the Vet. The Cubs would triumph 8-3 with their starter, a rookie, scattering ten hits and three runs around seven and two-thirds innings, striking out seven against no walks. The Phils' starter--also a rookie--was unable to match his counterpart's performance, going just three innings. In that time he allowed six hits, one walk and three runs while recording just one strikeout.

So why is this otherwise run-of-the-mill game one that stands out? Because of just who that pair of rookie pitchers were and what they had in common. The latter category was their parents, as the rookies were brothers, the first ever rookie brothers to oppose each other as starting pitchers. And which pair of brothers was it? Why, the Maddux brothers naturally. That's Greg--of three hundred eighteen wins, and counting--and Mike--of thirty-nine. Greg is still pitching for the Cubs (after a long and successful stretch in
Atlanta, of course) while Mike is now the pitching coach for the Brewers. It seems appropriate that Greg, the clearly superior pitcher of the pair, would triumph in their first head-to-head Major League battle.

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