Monday, September 26, 2005

September 26th, 1976

Last Home Run Hit at Parc Jarry

Here's an easy trivia question, who has the most home runs at Stade Olympique in Montreal? Right, Vladimir Guerrero (one hundred twenty six, if you're curious). A slightly harder one, who has the most home runs by a visitor? Got a guess? Barry Bonds, with thirty (all but two, incidentally, before he met Victor Conte). The last Olympic Stadium home run? Struck by Florida's Miguel Cabrera on September 29th, 2004, which segues us nicely then, into a signifigantly harder department of home run in Parc Jarry.

The all-time PJ home run leader? Rusty Staub? Good guess, but while Le Grande Orange hit eight-two home runs during his Expos tenure, and nearly three hundred during his career, it's not him. The answer is the otherwise forgettable Ron Fairly, who spent eleven years with the Dodgers and six and a half with the Expos but nonetheless holds the home run record for the Expos' first home with fifty-eight. The leader visitor? My first thought was Hank Aaron, but, no, not him. Any guesses? The answer is "Pops" Willie Stargell, who hit seventeen of his career four hundred seventy-five home runs at Parc Jarry. And now finally, the Ultra Deluxe Bonus Points Trivia Questions, today's title. Who hit the last home run? Anyone? Update: The last home run ever hit there came off the bat of the Philles' Greg Luzinski.

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