Saturday, September 24, 2005

September 24th, 1966

Kevin Koslofski Born

In my collection of baseball cards, around the early 1990s, I start to see some identified as “Topps Stadium Club.” Judging by their appearance, with gold foil lettering and a high gloss shine on every card, Topps was marketing these as some sort of upper level brand of trading card. To me, this was a bad idea. I can’t imagine there are enough adults to justify the market, and the distinction would probably be lost on kids, who while I grant you like gold foil lettering and a high gloss shine, don’t like them enough to pay an extra buck or so per pack. The cards are most interesting however, because the backs all feature little boxes that include some key categories in which the players were team or league leaders.

It notes, for example that Kevin Koslofski (think ol’ Kevin had Polish heritage?) “wrecks havoc on lefties.” Given that Kevin is a lefty, that’s pretty impressive. And if that’s all there was, they probably would have gotten away with it and to this day I’d think of that Koslofski was a strong hitter against southpaws. Where Topps fails is that they actually print the statistics, allowing one to examine it. Kevin’s havoc? Six singles in fourteen at-bats. If that’s havoc, one can only imagine what Topps will have to say about Gary Sheffield’s performance against lefties this year, as the right fielder is batting .357/.426/.567 in almost one hundred fifty ABs.

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