Thursday, September 01, 2005

September 1st, 1937

Giants Sign Bill Terry

In the "Um, Oops" Department: the Giants gave Terry a five year contract, worth $8,000 a year--about $100,000 by modern standards--in the midst of his fifth consecutive ninety win season as a manager. Terry, who had taken over for John McGraw in 1932, was signed to be both manager and farm system director. The Giants would go on to win to the National League pennant in 1937, although they'd lose the World Series to the Yankees in five games...and that was basically the end of Bill Terry as a successful Giants' manager.

The next year the Giants slumped to 83-67, finishing third, five games behind the pennant winning Cubs. The next season they went down even farther to 77-74. The next year they dropped even further, to below .500 at 72-80 and recovered only slightly the next year to finish 74-79, after which the Giants--despite a year remaining on Terry's contract--canned him, replacing him the Giants' best player, Mel Ott.

In the four year period of the contract then, Terry managed a 306-300 record (.504), but taking out the first year, the total record was only 223-233 (.489). Comparing that figure to the Giants previous four year record of 371-241 (.606), it is little surprise that after his debacles running the team, Terry never managed--or ran a farm system--again.

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