Thursday, September 15, 2005

September 15th, 1941

Jim Barbieri Born

No relation, so far as I know, Jim Barbieri played one season with the Dodgers in 1966. I don't know what the story was; Barbieri didn't set any houses afire with his performance but he was perfectly competent, hitting .280/.352/.341 in eighty at-bats, good for a better than average OPS in Dodger Stadium that year. He was on the Dodgers' post-season roster, albeit appearing in just one game, and was only twenty six. Why Barbieri never appeared in the Majors again is a mystery I can't unravel; I can only assume that injury played some part.

Despite his limited Major League career, Barbieri was still inducted into the Schenectady County School District (SCSD) Hall of Fame in 2003. Among his listed accomplishments is his Captainship of the 1954 Schenectady Little League World Series winning team, which makes him--to this point anyway--the only man to win the Little League World Series and play in the Major League World Series. That's more of a feat than an accomplishment, but let's give Jim his due, for all of the hype that surrounds the Little League World Series every year, it seems almost none of them make the Majors. Barbieri accomplished that, if only for a brief moment.

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