Saturday, September 10, 2005

September 10th, 1940

Sam Crane Begins Parole Proceedings

Sam Crane was a mediocre hitting shortstop who apparently impressed with his play below the Major League levels but never performed in the Majors, hitting just .208 in almost one hundred seventy-five career games. Crane was just twenty-seven in his last season, and might have seen more time in the Majors, but something got in the way. To wit, Crane murdered--depending on reports-- his current or ex-girlfriend (several reports say "sweetheart") and/or her current beau.

So off Crane went to prison--where he did manage to win a regular spot as the SS on the prison team--seemingly ending any chance he had of a career in baseball. However, while in prison, Crane was visited by his first manager, Connie Mack. Mack decided that although Crane had his problems, he was worthy of being saved. Mack worked with Crane and lobbied for his parole, which was eventually granted. Crane went to work with Mack and managed, happily, to turn his life around.

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