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August 7th, 2000

Jose Canseco Claimed by Yankees

Canseco was a waiver claim by the Yankees, hoping to block him from going to...Boston, I guess. God only knows what they were thinking, although it did enable Jose to fall ass-backwards into a World Series ring that fall. Anyway, I bring this up because I remember hearing about his acquisition quite clearly. It was a day game and I was sitting in the upper deck at Yankee Stadium--by myself, meaning this must've been one of the first Yankee games I went to solo--getting just baked in the sun and it came up on the matrix board. The Yankees were, if memory serves, playing Seattle that day. And, I believe, they got absolutely crushed, with the big blow coming on a Carlos Guillen home run. On second thought, the Yankees might've made it somewhat close, because I remember Jorge Posada hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth off Kaz Sasaki, the M's closer. I also remember at some point in the game Scott Brosius (my long-time favorite Yankee) hit a double.

So that's what I remember. (This is the pre-scorebook days, so my memory is all I got.) I'm sure of that first part, baking in the sun and seeing the Canseco signing announced. Let's see what Retrosheet has to say about the rest of my memory. Alright, playing Seattle, that's a good sign. And a day game, so I got that part right. Let's check the details...Yankees did indeed lose (8-5), and the big blow was indeed a Carlos Guillen home run, a grand slam as a matter of fact, in the sixth off Denny Neagle. Doc Gooden pitched in the game, which is something I'm surprised I don't remember, but I was right on about Scott Brosius, who doubled in the fourth. And I was right, despite having a fairly large lead, 8-4, Lou Pinella did bring in "Kaz the Closer" who surrendered a two-out home run to Jorge Posada.

In the past I've discussed the faulty nature of my memory, it's nice to know I can get one right every now and then.

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