Friday, August 05, 2005


August 5th, 2001

Mariners Play at Indians

Gah! I had a blog here about this game, it was the year Seattle won a billion games (but then blew it in the playoffs, nice job in the ALCS guys) and took a huge lead into the late innings against the Indians on August Fifth, at Jacobs Field, only to blow it in dramatic (and for the Mariners and their fans, embarrassing) fashion. The blog had a link to a fantastic--but now evidently defunct--website which played back the Indians' radio announcers call of their team's remarkable comeback.

Since I'm unwilling to lose that bit of snark about the 2001 Mariners performance in the playoffs, however, I will instead refer you to the Retrosheet link which has the play-by-play and you can perform it yourself.

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