Sunday, August 28, 2005

August 28th, 1932

Indians Play at Red Sox

This game, an otherwise routine eleven inning 4-3 Sox victory is notable for the day on which it was played. The Red Sox were first scheduled to take on the Tribe on August 31st. On that day however, scientists reported--this is true--a solar eclipse was due. Responding to this, the Sox moved the game a few days up so that it would not be delayed.

As it happened, the scientists had hit the nail right on the head, as on August 31st the eclipse occurred. Fenway Park was rendered almost entirely dark for twenty minutes that would've fallen straight in the middle of the game, so I suppose in that respect the Red Sox dodged a bullet. On the other hand, they missed having claim to a game delayed by solar eclipse, which, frankly, would've been pretty cool.

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