Wednesday, August 24, 2005

August 24th, 1974

Bartolome Fortunato Born

I apologize for these next few entries which may be a bit short as I am suffering computer problems that come with the move from New York. Despite having just done a name entry a couple of days back, I couldn't resist today, as August 24th is a virtual goldmine of funny baseball names. In addition to Bartolome Fortunato--who sounds like someone Zorro would have fought--those born today include B.J. Waszigs, Shorty Desjardien, Chubby Dean (who is disconcertingly listed at 5'11" 181, about my height but thinner), Beryl Richmond, Arquimedez Pozo (who was a character in a Dickens' novel, I think), and the hands-down winner for best August 24th Birthday name, De Witt Wiley "Bevo" LeBourveau. He wasn't just a light hitting outfielder for the Philles in the twenties, he was also the Duke of Angoulême.

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